RoR is gaining huge popularity day by day due to its ability to support rapid application development. At Media6, we are passionate about ROR and we are committed to provide quality services to our clients.

Are you looking for fast, agile developers for your custom requirements? We provide exceptional ROR development services to meet your needs and employ the best practices related to agile web development with Rails and follow Agile Scrum methodology.

Our domain experience includes:

  • Content Management Systems with social networking features.
  • Ecommerce solutions with customization options.
  • Enterprise Web Applications & Product development
  • SaaS solutions

Our expertise in RoR technologies include:

  • Ruby 1.8.x & 1.9.x
  • MySQL
  • HAML
  • SASS
  • Github
  • MVC and API Integration

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Part Time (80hrs/month)

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The projects we have developed for this service are under NDA.
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Why Ruby on Rails?

MVC architecture

Fast and easy development

Database Access Library

Ease of use

Agile Development

AJAX Library